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Clips from a forthcoming documentary on the Progressive movement, to be produced by Sean O' Sullivan. Shown here are images of the damage at Temple Israel in Hillbrow, following a bomb blast in 1983.

An exhibition based on the book

The South African Jewish Museum in Cape Town will host an exhibition based upon the Mavericks book, but offering additional material that could not be included, such as artefacts and video clips. The exhibition will be entitled “Groundbreakers: Progressive Judaism in South Africa”. A highlight will be a documentary about the history, including interviews and original footage going back to the 1930s.

The exhibition was planned for late April or early May, but the pandemic has postponed plans. It is likely to happen now closer to the end of 2020. The exhibition has been designed to be mobile, so that once its run has completed in Cape Town, it can be moved to other centres around the country.

More information will be made available when a new date has been announced.

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