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Digital add-on to the book

This website supplements the book Mavericks Inside the Tent with many additional photographs and texts, as well as useful source documents.


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‘Manoim’s book, meticulously researched and compulsively readable

(a rarity with institutional histories) fills a glaring gap in local Jewish historiography

[and] sheds light on a movement ... which has been greatly under-valued in terms of

the impact it made on the Jewish religious and communal scene.’

David Saks, Associate Director of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies and editor of Jewish Affairs


What's the point


The need to research a long-neglected aspect of South African Jewish history


Lost photographs


Historic moments, people, events and places, in colour, from around the country


Who we are


Key figures behind the project to record Progressive/Reform history in South Africa


and film


An exhibition at the South African Jewish Museum, and a documentary


Lost chapters


A number of chapters did not make it into the final book. Read them here


Source documents


Key documents from historic archives, shown in their original formats

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